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Women in Fitness and Wellness Dinner

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

This year’s second Magis Leaders Dinner was another wild success. Six hand-chosen female John Carroll University students joined five highly successful, local Cleveland female fitness/health/wellness entrepreneurs and business leaders to enjoy a delightful meal and inspiring discussion. And it just so happened the dinner fell on Galentine’s Day!

The first dinner featured a group of incredible entrepreneurs from a variety of industries. The professional women at the Fitness and Wellness dinner were:

John Carroll University students in attendance were Katie O’Connell, Jessica Cook, Cara Stover, Madison Steiner, Emily Schwabenbauer, and Reilly Girardot.

The experience was a treat for all involved, and a revelation for the young women who attended. One student shared that this dinner

“inspired me to really focus on my passion. As a student, it’s so easy to get focused on things happening on campus, and what’s right in front of us, like tests and meetings. I sometimes forget about what I really want to do with my future. This dinner and these amazing women reminded me how important it is to not lose sight of that, and in fact to double-down on incorporating that passion into what I’m learning about in my classes.”

The students were not the only ones who had a memorable evening. Liz Ferrante noted that the John Carroll students blew her away! Melissa Armenta shared that she

“truly enjoyed speaking to every single one of [the students]! They all have so much passion in what they do! I’m so excited for their future endeavors and I wish them nothing but great success and happiness!”

This dinner was sponsored by Boler College of Business Dean Dr. Al Miciak, and coordinated by Muldoon Center of Entrepreneurship Director Dr. Doan Winkel.

A few times each semester, a group of John Carroll University female students will be invited to attend a “Women In . . . Dinner” with local female rock stars around a theme of their choosing. The topic is up to the students to choose based on their curiosity.

The evening topic might be STEM careers, it might be work-life balance, it might be sales. Or maybe it’s how to deal with failure.

Contact Doan Winkel at if you have an idea for a future dinner experience. You could be next to share this incredible experience! Keep an eye out for the next Magis Leaders Dinner for a chance to expand your network and be inspired by amazing women in the Cleveland area.

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