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Julia Ruggiero: VulnerABLE

John Carroll University alum Julia Ruggiero ('19) knows a thing or two about vulnerability.  When she decided to write VulnerABLE, she knew she would have to expose herself – a scary undertaking. 

She took a chance, and it was an extraordinary experience where she found the risk was definitely worth the reward.  Julia wanted readers to

“notice the worth in their voices, feeling comfortable in their own skin.”

She believes that every person has something special within themselves that they are meant to share with the world. Through sharing personal stories from her own life, as well as stories from others, every reader can find a glimpse of wisdom to notice the rocky but powerful path of vulnerability.

In VulnerABLE, you’ll learn how to notice vulnerability and gain confidence in knowing you are not alone in your feelings. You’ll realize: * How our own voices and thoughts hold us back from embracing our worth * How other’s voices, criticism, and opinions influence how we look at ourselves * How to notice the more significant, realistic meaning of love and connection

We all experience doubt, sadness, confusion, or loneliness.  Having confidence in our own voices will allow us to listen and accept other voices more readily. Most importantly, sharing your authentic self with vulnerability allows for deeper human connection.

Click here to order your copy of VulnerABLE.

To learn more about the author, Julia Ruggerio, click here.

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