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Women in Entrepreneurship Dinner

This year’s first annual “Women In . . . Dinner” was a wild success. Six hand-chosen female John Carroll University students joined four highly successful, local Cleveland female entrepreneurs to enjoy a delightful meal and inspiring discussion.

The female entrepreneurs founded FOUNT Leather, Your Local Girl Gang, Shore Society, and Emily Roggenburk Studios. The theme of the night was “women supporting women” and the power of this philosophy.

From L to R: Emily Roggenburk (Founder of Emily Roggenburk Studios), Molly Killeen (JCU ‘20), Olivia Gilbert (JCU ‘21), Jackie Wachter (Co-founder of FOUNT Leather), Maddie Tobolewski (JCU ‘20), Rachael Koenig (Founder of Shore Society), Maria LeFebre (Founder of Your Local Girl Gang), Julie Whitmore (JCU ‘20), Katie O’Connell (JCU ‘19), and Cara Stover (JCU ‘20)

The entrepreneurs shared their insight that people don’t chase dreams, they build them, and that hard work will always pay off.

This dinner was sponsored by Boler College of Business Dean Dr. Al Miciak, and coordinated by Muldoon Center of Entrepreneurship Director Dr. Doan Winkel.

The experience was a treat for all involved, and a revelation for the young women who attended. Julie Whitmore, senior John Carroll University student, shared that this dinner

“was a highlight of my JCU career and my life. I left feeling so inspired, creative, and ready to take on the real world as I graduate next year as a woman for and with others to lead a business.”

Each semester a group of John Carroll University female students will be invited to attend a “Women In . . . Dinner” with local female rock stars around a theme of their choosing. It might be STEM careers, it might be networking, it might be work-life balance, it might be sales, or maybe it’s how to deal with failure. The topic is up to the students to choose based on their curiosity.

You could be next to share this incredible experience! Keep an eye out for the next “Women In . . . Dinner” for a chance to expand your network and be inspired by amazing women in the Cleveland area.

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