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Empowering Young Female Entrepreneurs: Dare to Dream Retreat Coming to John Carroll University

This November, young women from Cleveland high schools will explore their interest in entrepreneurship at John Carroll University during the Dare to Dream Retreat.

John Carroll University’s entrepreneurship program is establishing itself as the home of curious students who solve big problems using their creativity and passion. This is the beginning of a platform to change the conversation from what can “young people” learn from “old people” to what can young people create to excite and engage other young people to collaboratively build their future. The experts are our youth and we must help them find their voice.

“I hope this event will empower the young women who attend to have a greater sense of confidence in their abilities to accomplish their heart’s desire,”says JCU alum and entrepreneur Leah Berdysz, founder of Empowered & Poised.

The event, which will be the first of its kind, aims to give young women in high school the opportunity to meet like-minded peers and participate in hands-on activities that explore and help students recognize their strengths and further develop their passion for entrepreneurship. The one-day retreat quickly met capacity with approximately 125 high school women signed up for the cost-free gathering. This will be the first of what JCU’s John J. Kahl, Sr. Chair in Entrepreneurship Dr. Doan Winkel hopes will be many successful events to introduce young women in the greater Cleveland area to entrepreneurship and help them develop an entrepreneurial mindset and skill set.

The Dare to Dream Retreat is funded by the Veale Foundation, which offers student programs, events and experiences to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, is presented in partnership with the John Carroll University’s Entrepreneurship Minor, the Muldoon Center for Entrepreneurship and is sponsored by JCULaunchNET (funded by the Burton D. Morgan Foundation).

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