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Entrepreneurial Streaks — Meet MICK

“What I really love is solving problems creatively.” — MICK

JCU alum Mick Batyske (MICK) turned his passion into a successful and rewarding business. MICK is an entrepreneur, world-renowned DJ, style influencer, and angel investor. He’s performed at private parties for the likes of Kanye West, LeBron James, and Will Smith, and for brands including Twitter, Cadillac, Chase, and many others. MICK is in control of his own destiny.

“I love my career now because I can choose to be creative in business via multiple avenues,” says MICK, who relies on “God, creativity, sacrifice, and persistence” to drive his career. “My entire career started at JCU…juxtaposing the book knowledge from my classroom experience with the real-world experience I was getting off campus truly allowed me to thrive.” Those experiences included turning a no-name college radio show into a regional brand, and making a startup music newspaper profitable.

While on campus, MICK was empowered by the people, the professors, and the encouragement he received, all of which helped him realize his potential. His advice to current and future JCU students:

“We are all entrepreneurs. The brand of YOU is significantly more important to your career than the brand of any company you will ever work for.”

MICK encourages students to become a part of something greater while developing the best possible “you” at John Carroll.

Connect with MICK by following him on Twitter @iamMICK and by visiting

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