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Blue Streak Business Model Competition Winner

Blue Streak Business Model Competition Judges and Winning Team (Alleviate)

Last week, John Carroll University students Eddie Williamson, Brandon Murray-Pecka, Harold Colston, and Connor Bogard won the Annual Blue Streak Business Model Competition with their business idea, Alleviate. These students exemplified innovative, forward thinking ideas, and showed skillful expertise while pitching their product.

Alleviate is a service designed to create value for people approved for medical marijuana use. Specifically, Alleviate will educate customers about the various products available to them, and would guide them to the specific products that would be most helpful for their particular need.

These Blue Streaks identified a gap in the market, where there are a plethora of product options available, but no guidance for individuals about what products would be most beneficial to alleviate their symptoms. For instance, someone fighting prostate cancer would benefit from different product options than someone struggling with PTSD.

Alleviate plays matchmaker between individuals and the most effective medicine for them.

Competitions like this allow students to have both creative and professional experiences. According to Professor Tom Bonda

One of the themes of our entrepreneurship program is to provide a home where curious students solve big problems using their innate creativity and passion.”

The Blue Streak Business Model Competition is an arena where students practice this journey as well as perfect their pitching techniques. For more information about the John Carroll University entrepreneurship program, contact Doan Winkel (John J. Kahl, Sr. Chair in Entrepreneurship and Director of the Muldoon Center for Entrepreneurship) at

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