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As I Graduate John Carroll: John Tucci

“I minored in entrepreneurship because for the first time in my life as a student in a classroom, I was interested in learning.”

John Carroll senior John Tucci (’19) felt an instant connection with a new field of study during his first entrepreneurship course. Reflecting on this experience, John says, “The classes and assignments were interesting and made me feel like I was actually doing great work.” According to Dr. Doan Winkel, John’s interest and work ethic led him to excel in his entrepreneurship classes and open up additional possibilities after graduation.

While not every entrepreneurship student will start their own business, they will be given tools that will help them succeed in an entrepreneurial environment. When asked about his experience minoring in entrepreneurship at JCU, John says the entrepreneurship minor “helped me become more aware of my strengths, weaknesses, and abilities.”

Despite not knowing what the future holds, John considers what he’s gained from his experience minoring in entrepreneurship as an advantage. “I know that going into my career, I will have a huge leg up,” says John.

As John leaves JCU and the entrepreneurship minor program, many others will begin their journey as an entrepreneurial Blue Streak. To incoming freshman interested in entrepreneurship, John says:

“If you want to have success during your four years at JCU, and continued success for the 40, 50 years after you graduate — study entrepreneurship at JCU. You will learn how to think more creatively and efficiently, grow your self-awareness and problem-solving skills, and have a heck of a time doing that all.”
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