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As I Graduate: Jeff Przybysz

“I learned how to understand and accept other people’s backgrounds and skills, as well as how to communicate certain information (i.e., financial forecasts) to people who are unfamiliar with such content.” — Jeff Przybysz

When asked about his favorite aspect of his experience in the entrepreneurship minor, Jeff Przybysz, says it’s been working with students outside the Boler College of Business. He has enjoyed and benefited from being surrounded by students who have different passions, interests, backgrounds, and majors.

Jeff decided to enroll in the entrepreneurship minor “to learn about the importance of innovation and idea-generation in creating a successful, sustainable (financially, environmentally, etc.) business.”

Jeff credits the JCU entrepreneurship program with preparing him to complement and collaborate with others.

“I am better able to work with people of different backgrounds, both inside and outside of class and work,” says Jeff.

He acknowledges that he still needs to improve his skills in appealing to his core audience when working on a project or business, but is excited for whatever comes next after JCU.

While he’s excited for what’s next, there are a few things Jeff is afraid or unsure of. Questions Jeff has for the future include:

  • What if my entrepreneurial venture fails so badly that I lose EVERYTHING and nobody is able to help me back up on my feet?

  • Who do I go to for help?

  • What do I do?

  • Should I start right back up again or take some time to collect my ideas?

  • What if I do not have the financial resources I need to start my business, and I cannot receive enough investor/creditor support?

JCU and the Muldoon Center for Entrepreneurship staff will work with Jeff to answer these questions, and more importantly, equip Jeff with the support system and skills to find the answers himself.

To new JCU students who are interested in exploring JCU’s entrepreneurship program, Jeff says:

“There is no downside to participating in the minor. It can only help you. An added perk is that if you are a Boler student, you do not have to take many classes to complete the minor, so there is no reason to worry about overloading your schedule. The minor is fun, engaging, and informative.”

Ready to give entrepreneurship and yourself a shot at making your dreams come true? Learn more about the Edward Muldoon Center for Entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurship minor here.

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