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As I Graduate: Anna Masica

“There is never harm in saying yes to a new opportunity at John Carroll.”

As Anna Masica prepares to graduate from John Carroll University with a minor in entrepreneurship, she plans on working in “near-peer mentoring.” She says, “I am intrigued to find a way to hone my skills into what I plan on doing and am curious how to do it in the right way.”

Looking to gain insight into how creativity could impact how she runs a business, Anna joined the entrepreneurship program. Through taking entrepreneurship courses and engaging in programs produced by the Muldoon Center for Entrepreneurship, Anna strengthened her public speaking skills and overcame her fears related to giving presentations and being vulnerable in front of others.

One thing that Anna still fears as she graduates is “making the incorrect decision in what I plan to do after graduation.” Fortunately, Anna made an amazing decision. She recently accepted a position with Venture for America (VFA), which is a fellowship program for recent college graduates who want to become startup leaders and entrepreneurs.

Anna is the first John Carroll University student to receive this prestigious fellowship!

When asked what she would say to a JCU freshman interested in entrepreneurship, Anna says:

“DO IT! Just go for it. There is never harm in saying yes to a new opportunity at John Carroll. If you look back and in a year tell me you don’t love it, that’s okay, you don’t have to follow through, I will just be shocked if you do.”

Congratulations on your accomplishments here at JCU, Anna. Thank you for sharing a small part of your journey with us. We will be rooting for you to fearlessly pursue your dreams.

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