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As I Graduate: Andrew Frank

Andrew Frank is an entrepreneurship minor at John Carroll University graduating May 2019. When asked why he decided to minor in entrepreneurship, Andrew says, “I have always seen myself as a business owner and a creative person.” The minor has given him valuable tools, lessons, and connections that he will take with him as he begins a new journey along his career path.

As he graduates, Andrew is balancing his options of leaving the state to join a business partner in California or creating a business here in Ohio. He says that the entrepreneurship minor opened his mind and made him realize that he doesn’t have to go down “the usual path” that others are led to pursue throughout their college years.

Asked what he’s afraid of as he leaves school to start his career, Andrew says he’s not afraid of any one thing in particular.

“The best answer for me would be not utilizing the time and resources I have at Carroll before graduation,” Andrew says.

To incoming freshman interested in pursuing a minor in entrepreneurship at John Carroll, Andrew says,

“you won’t regret it.”
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