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Calling all middle school students in Cleveland!

John Carroll University is proud to be the Cleveland host for the free

Verizon Innovative Learning STEM Enrichment program!

This year's camp will be held July 5 - 29

Monday - Friday 9am - 2:30pm

on John Carroll University's campus

All transportation, food, and fun will be provided!

This program prepares young men and women from under resourced schools for the digital economy by equipping students with STEM and entrepreneurial skills. Specifically, 150 middle school men and women will be inspired to pursue STEM careers during a 4-week summer program!

To inspire students to lead in the digital age, the program will:

  • Provide tech-immersion summer camp plus year-round enrichment

  • Pair students with a mentor

  • Provide hands-on experience in coding, robotics, augmented and virtual reality, 3D design and printing, and entrepreneurship

  • Connect students with Verizon Employees for career training opportunities

  • Program is inclusive and welcomes all genders and non-binary youth.

On the Path to His Dream Career


Michael S., who attended the program at North Carolina A&T State University, was inspired to create video games. "Going to [Verizon Innovative Learning] gives me a step ahead of the competition,” says the eighth grader, while checking the 3D printer. “I know I’m not the only person competing to create a game that’s better than Fortnite.”

Screen Shot 2021-05-31 at 9.05.27 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-05-31 at 9.15.18 PM.png

Building Confidence


Cora Joyce "C.J." P. participated in the program at Roane State Community College's Cumberland campus. The program has not only helped her on her path to becoming an animator, editor, and voice actor, but also increased her self-confidence and enhanced her interpersonal skills. Thanks to the confidence she gained in the program, C.J.'s father shared that “the way she's presenting herself, the way she's addressing people” has changed. This is critical for a girl who is “the only one out of my siblings that have thought of going to college,” C.J. shared. When she graduates, she’ll be the first person in her immediate family with a college degree, aside from her grandmother who recently went back to school.

Verizon-640X640 (5).jpg

After participating in the 2019 summer program, over 95% of particpants reported:

  • Increased interest in STEM subjects 

  • Increased interest in a STEM career

  • Increased confidence in being successful

Contact Lisa Heckman at for more information

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