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Entrepreneurial Streaks — Meet Angelica Bucci

“The [entrepreneurship] minor gave me my first taste at what my future could be like if I were unafraid to fail.” — Angelica Bucci, Associate Account Strategist, Google

Failing is part of everyone’s journey whether they decide to pursue starting a business or they work for someone else. John Carroll University alum Angelica Bucci (’16) learned how to fail while pursuing a minor in entrepreneurship. Angelica also learned how small businesses function, and what’s needed to help them grow.

After graduation, Angelica quickly advanced from an inside sales representative learning about lead generation to working at Google as an Associate Account Strategist. She utilizes what she learned in the entrepreneurship minor to help small and medium-sized businesses grow through online advertising.

Angelica says her keys to success are

“Finding peers who can give me honest and constructive feedback (even if it’s unsolicited!)”, and
“Surround yourself with people that challenge you.”

Angelica’s advice to current and future JCU students interested in entrepreneurship:

“Keep an open mind! There is power in having a plan and having clear goals but that can cause you to miss out on all of the emerging creative opportunities around you. Often time, the things that are not penciled into the ‘plan’ are usually the most exciting and fulfilling. Also, surround yourself with people that challenge you. You never want to be the smartest person in your close group of peers/friends!”

The entrepreneurship minor has quickly become the most popular minor on campus, with hundreds of students from nearly every major taking experiential courses in any given semester. Angelica explains why students should consider minoring in entrepreneurship:

“The JCU approach to entrepreneurship is applicable to every major. The minor focuses on how to creatively problem solve for everyday issues one comes up against.”

Ranked among the top undergraduate entrepreneurship programs in the country, stay up-to-date about John Carroll’s entrepreneurship minor here.

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